Deepening Our Embrace: An Intermediate Yoga Immersion

Offered by Preeta Banerjee, Ph D
Friday, September 18 – Sunday, September 20 (intermediate)
$325 (Scholarships available) Student rate: $150

As an accomplished teacher, passionate activist, and warm-hearted spirit, Preeta Banerjee offers one of the best experiences of engagement with the complex system of belief, practice, devotion, and teaching known to Westerners as Hinduism, from which popular notions of Yoga have their roots. Preeta knows that many are hungry for integrated and life-giving spiritual practices, and that is why she is committed to offering teaching from her native tradition and experience.

While on retreat, we will build upon the introductory experience of yoga immersion from last year, though everyone one is welcome, even if you were not able to make it to last year’s retreat. All physical abilities welcome.

Words from our teacher…
Together, we will venture into mysteries within us all as we ask “Who Am I?” Our time together will include presenter teaching, guided practice sessions that meet you where you are and opportunities for contemplative dialogue across all traditions. As a next step of our enrichening journey with Yoga, we will dive further into Sanatan Dharma, the age-old philosophy known as Hinduism.

Preeta Banerjee, Ph D is a spiritual companion who draws on a broad and deep range of experience, having spent 20 years in academia, coaching and consulting as an advocate, educator, researcher and author. She is a strong voice for combining spirituality, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and social change. Her daily practice comes from yoga, Let Your Yoga Dance, meditation, as well as being an Ayurveda and a blackbelt Tae Kwon Do practitioner. Co-founder and partner at Whitehead Advisors LLC, she previously led a team at Deloitte and was a business school professor at Brandeis and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She has a Ph D in Strategic Management from the Wharton School and BS in Computational Biology and Business from Carnegie Mellon.