25th Anniversary Renewal







 Thank You for getting us to our goal!

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our 25th Annual Renewal Fundraising Effort. Read more to see why we raised the money and how the renewal will be implemented.


If you have been to the House of Prayer, you know what a beautiful, sacred space it is. We have been privileged to welcome thousands of people into our spaces over the years and are looking forward to the 25th anniversary of the dedication of our building in 2015.


HOP_People_talkingThe Challenge for Renewal

Given the age of the facility, we know we are facing some large repairs, and the house is in need of some refurbishing and landscaping. In 2012, we took a loan from our endowment to put a new roof on the House, a roof that is guaranteed for 50 years and maintains the character of the original cedar. Just this week we had someone look at our outdated fire alarm system, which is no longer up to code and needs to be replaced.

Our board of directors spent more than a year assessing the future needs of the House of Prayer and developed a comprehensive plan for renewal. We identified three areas in need of renewal: structural spaces, natural spaces and ministry. To accomplish this plan, we launched the 25th Annual Renewal Fundraising Effort in February 2013.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors and friends, we have been able to raise the full amount– and then some!

As of August 1, 2013, we have received pledges and donations totalling $136,700. An anonymous donor has contributed the balance with a $140,000 gift, for a total of $276,700!


In coming months, you will see improvements inside and out, and also see the expansion of our ministry throughout Minnesota, as we implement our Renewal plan. Thank you for making this possible.

Renewal of the Episcopal House of Prayer…

 … Caring for our structural spaces

  • Custom white oak front doors and Oratory door  $10,000
  • Carpet throughout facility and furniture for hearth room  $43,500
  • Office remodel and kitchen improvements    $11,500
  • Enviroshake 50-year roof for House and Oratory   $67,000

… Tending our natural spacesHOP_Sunroom

  • More gracious arrival, re-envisioned driveway and entrance landscaping  $15,000
  • Prairie restoration, privacy tree break, contemplative path and native wildflower plantings  $25,000
  • Additional capital expenses for the next 10 years  $23,000
    (includes prairie maintenance, exterior painting and other updates as needed)

… Renewing and expanding our ministry

  • Pilot Program to Expand Ministry to Churches in Minnesota  $80,000
    (includes staff funding for 3 years and program expenses)

Goal of 25th Anniversary Renewal:  $275,000

Funds raised or pledged as of August 1, 2013: $276,700


You Can Still Participate!

If you planned to make a gift to the Renew campaign and would still like to give to the fund for long-term capital improvements for the House of Prayer, you can still give. Make a donation to the “25th Anniversary Renewal” fund or a general donation on our secure online donation page.


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