EHoP Chant Library

Listen to the sounds of the oratory through these chants recorded by our community members.

Many thanks to John Mischke, Bill Brand, Jodie Milroy, Maryjude Hoeffel, and Christine Luna Munger for offering your voices.

Chant and sacred song are an important element of our weekly prayer and retreat experiences at the Episcopal House of Prayer. Over the years, a number of beloved and favorite chants have echoed in the oratory, even as new ones are heard for the first time. You are invited to consider either recording some of your favorite chants and sharing them with us, and/or listening to them when they are posted here.

Holy One

I Rise with You

Breezes at Dawn

In the Name

Refuge Prayer

From You I Receive

We are Swimming in Mercy

Beloved One, You are my being

I am in Thou

All Shall be Well

Spirit of Truth

Listen, Listen

Let Me Hear

As the Deer

Bind my Head

Holy Wisdom, Holy Logos