EHoP Prayer Teachings Library

This year, we began to offer “short teachings” on prayer after the weekly contemplative sit in Collegeville.

These short-teachings intend to engage everyone, whether they are new to, or seasoned in, contemplative prayer.

The teaching lasts fifteen minutes and includes three parts:

1) a short selection of text on prayer from the tradition (well-known teachers, authors)

2) short teaching on the text (prepared by Christine)

3) questions and opportunity for reflection (intended for everyone)

As the body of these short-teachings grow, they will be shared in this section of the EHoP Library pages. They will be arranged by topic and each link consists of two pages or less of text.


Forms of Prayer

Forms of Contemplative Prayer by Evelyn Underhill

Techniques or Methods of Prayer

Attention in Contemplative Prayer by Evelyn Underhill

Silence in Contemplative Prayer

Why Silent Prayer by Henri Nouwen

Silence as Revelation by Anthony de Mello

The Role of the Heart in Prayer

The Role of the Heart by Henri Nouwen