Exploring the Five Wisdoms: Maitri Retreat

Offered by Daniel Wolpert, MDiv
Thursday, August 13 – Sunday, August 16 (introductory)
$425 (Scholarships available) Student rate: $200

As a pastor, counselor, spiritual director, and long-time contemplative practitioner, Daniel Wolpert recognizes the hunger that we have for practical wisdom regarding our personal and spiritual growth. Dan is devoted to sharing insight about how to live better in this world.

While on retreat, we will experience the Five Wisdom types through experiential “rooms.” There will be opportunity to learn about the basics of this wisdom system, to put the learning into practice through meditation, and to reflect with others.

Words from our teacher…
The Five Wisdom Teaching describes five personality and constitutional types, each arising from a unique elemental energy. Based upon Chinese and Tibetan Five Element Theory and contemplative (mindfulness) psychology, these teachings promote contemplative practice that grounds us in our created, elemental world.

Together, we will explore these energies through a special meditation practice and learn how to relate to each one with greater wisdom and clarity to enhance personal growth and health. We will also explore how these teachings intersect with the Christian spiritual life and how they can be helpful to us in our time of climate crisis.

Daniel Wolpert, MDiv, a Presbyterian minister, is cofounder of the Minnesota Institute of Contemplation and Healing (MICAH). He has been a student of the spiritual life since age 21 and has taught in the fields of psychology and spiritual formation. Dan provides counseling and spiritual direction. He is the author of four books: Leading a Life with God: the Practice of Spiritual Leadership, Creating a Life with God: the Call of Ancient Prayer Practices, co-author of Meeting God in Virtual Reality, and most recently, The Collapse of the Three Story Universe: Christianity in an Age of Science.