Golden Buddha, Golden Christ: Exploring the Sacred Shadow and the Indistinguishable Light Within Us All

Offered by Rev. Bussho Lahn
Friday, February 21 – Sunday, February 23 (intermediate)
$325 (Scholarships available) Student rate: $150

As a Zen priest, Bussho is deeply familiar with the inner struggles between dark and light that people experience in their spiritual journey. Bussho is intensely insightful about the ways and woes of the inner life, which is why he is excited to share about the inner life from the perspectives of two great traditions.

While on retreat, we will engage several contemplative practices, both guided and silent. We’ll also have personal time for journaling, experiential practices and group sharing. Meals will mostly be eaten in silence. Bussho will be available for brief individual spiritual direction meetings during the retreat as well, to ensure that each retreatant is able to customize processing their own inner work.

Words from our teacher…
In his beautiful work Living Buddha, Living Christ, Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh reminds us of the many similarities between the Christian and Buddhist contemplative paths. This retreat will explore the contemplative journey as an inner exploration of both reconciliation and healing, of both wisdom and compassion. Please accept this unique and powerful invitation to integrate and
heal… to more fully become the Golden Buddha that you already are.

Rev. Bussho Lahn first came to Zen Buddhism in 1993, was ordained in 2009, and became a full priest in 2015. Bussho is a trained spiritual director, connecting with and mentoring those who wish to deepen an intentional and contemplative spiritual life. He explores the connection between spirituality and psychology. He is active in both the recovery and Christian contemplative communities and teaches and leads retreats and overseas pilgrimages through the Episcopal House of Prayer and the Aslan Institute.