Kenosis Retreat

Kenosis Retreat

Offered by Ward Bauman

Sunday, July 8 – Sunday, July 15, 2018


Jesus, speaking of humanity, said, “I came that they might have life and have it fully.”

This full life is what every human wants. And it’s what we are seeking to find in all of our spiritual work at the House of Prayer. But to get real we must also quickly tell it truthfully. For Jesus also said, “The road to life is narrow and hard, and few find it.”

Still the crowds were adamant. They wanted the full life Jesus offered. And they came to him for it. Jesus cautioned them, “You who wish to be my followers must first deny your very self, take up your cross . . . every day, and then follow me.”

It is this path, the path of self-negation (KENOSIS in Greek) that is the path to life. So, we might call this retreat the Full Life Retreat, but to get there, we go by way of “dispossession,” so we do the hard work, the work of “self-emptying,” or “self-negation,” the work of Kenosis. This is the focus of this retreat.

This 8-day retreat, of course, isn’t for everyone. It is, however, for those prepared and ready. It is central and core work at the House of Prayer, meant for those who have already delved deeply into the spiritual path, having found their life practices and are grounded in them. We offer this retreat in support of a life-commitment to contemplative prayer and living.

Each day: will be in silence, foundational for deeper reflection and prayer.

There will be contemplative practices to support a reorientation to God.   We will offer primary teaching in support of those practices.

Time is also made for personal reflection, relaxation and open spaces.


Why eight days? Based on an ancient pattern, there are seven days in a week:  six for labor; one for rest. The eighth day is for the new creation!



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Ward Bauman is an ordained Episcopal priest and former Director of the Episcopal House of Prayer. He has traveled the world spiritually and physically.  He lived in Iran for many years where he studied Sufism and began his studies in Buddhism as well.  He has published a cookbook, Sacred Food for Soulful Living and The Anglican Rosary: Meditating with the Mystics.  He has co-authored, The Luminous Gospels: Thomas, Mary Magdalene, and Philip. He considers his spiritual mentor to be the great Christian German mystic Meister Eckhart. Working with people in the great spiritual dimensions of their lives is his motivation. He says that “spirituality is my shtick and life lived in fullness is my purpose.”