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In 1990, the House of Prayer began as an independent, interfaith ministry of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota emerging from an ecumenical vision between The Episcopal Church and St. John’s Abbey. The House is located at the geographical heart of the state on five acres of wooded land in Collegeville, Minnesota. In 2006, the organization expanded its ministry by opening The House of Prayer in the City, next to St. Mark’s Cathedral in Minneapolis.

In 2014, this ministry is expanding beyond the walls of these remarkable locations to offer teaching, training, and support to Christians and other seekers throughout the state. By taking our ministry to a wider audience, we hope to help satisfy the hunger we see in the world. Through outreach, we anticipate deepening our relationships with parishes in the Episcopal Church of Minnesota and building relationships with faith communities that offer a home for seekers, whether or not they claim a denominational affiliation.

We would like to explore the interest you and your faith community have in partnering with the House of Prayer. Our vision is to provide resources that engender a shift in consciousness to individuals who are curious about spritual transformation. This shift in consciousness may initiate a spiritual journey, or it may be a touchpoint on the way. In any case, we believe that spiritual transformation happens in community. Spiritual companions are essential to this life-changing journey that brings healing to those involved and, by extension, to the larger community.



It takes courage and curiosity to explore. An exterior journey may require tents and transportation, food prep, special clothing, and the right shoes. Preparations are manifold, but it if your shoes are uncomfortable, if the fit is wrong and they pinch, searching out a new pair is time well spent. An interior journey starts with a pinch. It begins with dis-ease and restlessness. It begins with a longing to explore emotional and psychological terrain and the terrain of the heart. This is the realm of spirit.

Christ invites us to an interior journey. Our mission at the House of Prayer is to assist in the ongoing work of discerning God’s voice within the individual and in the world. Contemplative prayer grounded in Christian tradition is a wisdom practice that offers guidance on the way.

We invite parishes and faith communities to consider partnering with us to learn more. Our initial conversations usually start with a leadership team at the host site. We will help assess interest and discern the resources needed for hosting and participating in our outreach offerings.

Our commitment is to cultivate mindfulness of the great diversity of viewpoints represented in the individual faith communities of the Episcopal Church of Minnesota. We respect this diversity. We welcome all seekers who are receptive and ready to engage in contemplative formation. In devising a program, we will listen and discern together as we consider how to best address and respond to the needs of your community for contemplative education and formation.



Contact us to further discuss this opportunity.