EHoP Circles

Opportunities for Small Group Connections

EHoP Circles are a connective thread in the tapestry of EHoP programming. EHoP Circle opportunities provide focus and depth within the broader scope of EHoP retreats. EHoP Circles promote ongoing interactions and intimacy even after a single event or retreat has ended. We encourage you to sign up for EHoP Circles as a way to deepen and widen your EHoP experience. By joining an EHoP Circle, you can get to know others better; you can explore a topic or practice through sustained engagement; you can feel more connected with others in community.

We offer three formats for EHoP Circle experiences: Group Spiritual Direction, Group Lectio Divina, and Group Book Inquiries. When you sign up for any of the three opportunities, you make a commitment to a set period of time and to a specific group of people. After the initial series ends, group members will have the opportunity to discern whether to continue. A facilitator will be assigned to each group. Groups will typically consist of between four and six members. Each group can meet entirely online, hybrid in-person and online, or entirely in-person, dependent upon member preferences and locations. Suggested donation for each small group experience is $50 per series and number of sessions varies depending on the group format.

            Group Spiritual Direction

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            Group Spiritual Direction has the same aims as individual spiritual direction, including emphasis on practice and prayer, exploration and discernment about how God shows up in daily life, and interest in spiritual growth over a period of time. Spiritual companions form a group together in order to listen deeply and support one another. Giving advice, cross-discussions, and preaching are not part of the Group Spiritual Direction experience. Group Spiritual Direction typically occurs once-a-month, and each EHoP series will consist of five two-hour sessions, dates TBD by group members. If you are interested in sharing deeply and listening widely about spiritual matters, consider signing up for Group Spiritual Direction through EHoP.

            Group Lectio Divina

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            Lectio Divina is Latin for “Sacred Reading.” The individual model for deeply engaging sacred texts as part of the monastic traditions is well over 1,500 years old! Lectio Divina is a layered process in which the reader’s engagement with the text naturally deepens through reading, meditating, praying with, and contemplating the sacred texts. As a group model, Lectio Divina is distinct from other small group models such as Bible Studies. Whereas the emphasis in a Bible Study is typically acquisition of knowledge, the emphasis in Lectio Divina Groups is prayerful engagement with the text. Together, members of the group ruminate on the same text together by reading and re-reading a small section of text. As a member of the group, you listen to the text, and also listen for glimmers of words and images that speak to you, thus inviting you to consider how the words and meaning of the text might be speaking to your daily life experiences. Lectio Divina Groups meet weekly, and the EHoP series will consist of six one-hour sessions, dates TBD by group members.

            Group Book Inquiries

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            A Group Book Inquiry is distinct from a Book Discussion because an Inquiry holds a contemplative posture before the experience of engaging the text. Both the text and the members of the group speak to the heart of the matter. Rather than simply consume insights, group members will engage the text with the intention of weaving the insights into the wisdom of daily life experience. Suggestions for books have already emerged, including Joy Unspeakable by Barbara Holmes and Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. If you have a suggestion for a book, we can also form groups around additional topics. Group Book Inquiries will meet for three 1 ½ hour sessions, dates TBD by group members. The cost of the book is included in the suggested donation.