What People Are Saying About the House of Prayer:


group on adirondacks

Janet Day Midtbo Minnesota Council of Churches
Thank you for the inspiring, refreshing, and hospitable place you provide for the Minnesota faith leaders. I look forward to working with you on next year’s retreat.

Blair Schrader Wolters Kluwer
We had a wonderful day out there. We always love the House and the time away it gives us. I’d recommend it to anyone!


This is a place of remarkable serenity. It strips away the trivial and superficial. Here the real and the sacred make themselves known. My thanks to all the hands and hearts who have shaped this place.

The simple beauty of this place– both within the walls and outside– allows the mind to be emptied, the body to be rested and the soul to be nourished…


program attendee
I am writing to you at the end of the most amazing week I have experienced…16 of us have experienced the purity and sense of community that was at the core of Christ’s teaching…



contemplative prayer retreatant
I am so thankful for this time of quiet, inside and out. Just to sit for a long period and feel no urging to do something is a gift. This is a warm, comfortable, hospitable place that welcomed me into silent fellowship with others. Peace to all who are next here.